Unlocked: ‘Empire 1k Week V3’ F.I.T.B System
100% Unique To You - D.F.Y - Fill In The Blanks
  • Fill In The Blanks (F.I.T.B) System
  • 7 Complete Products to Give Away
  • 90% Commission on Everything
  • Step 1 - Add Your Product Name
  • Step 2 - Add Your Affiliate Link
  • Step 3 - Generate & Give Away
  • Result - Generate Evergreen Affiliate Commission
  • Zero selling - 100% Free Giveaways
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Training Included...

Unlock The Empire 1k Week V3’ F.I.T.B System Now!

Usually $1997, Today ONLY $127

‘psst’ Can you Give Something Away… For FREE?

f you said yes... then pay close attention because I’m going to tell you how to make as much as $392.70 by simply filling in the blanks and giving one of these away to just one person!

All Images taken from Mark Bishops Account - Amounts shown should not be considered typical

Totally Unique: 1k Week V3’ F.I.T.B System

1k Week V3 is my own SECRET ‘Give-2-Profit’ system... 

This system has been kept under lock and key since its creation and 
is only accessible from this page or my $5k coaching group. 

...And it’s all done for you, well almost all (see below).

I’ve Done 99% For You, All You Have To Do Is...

Fill In The Blanks

See Each Step Below:

Unique To YOU

Here’s how it works:

I’ll give you access to 7 ‘SECRET’ pre-configured documents which you will use as sales tools (But you won’t have to sell anything… You simply give them away for FREE).

Each document is a ‘high quality’ product in itself, which offers the reader a real, and helpful system they can use.

80% Conversions

However the content is also configured to turn 70-80% of readers into buyers, thus making you the document owner a potential $43 - $88 per reader (again, without you doing anything)

The Clever Bit

Even though all the work is done for you, and configured to convert, each document appears as being unique to you, so saturation is never an issue… See Step 1 below

Step #1

You Become The Owner

There are just 4 very simple steps to 1k Week V3, the first one is to add your own product name, and author name to the pre-configured document…
You can call your document anything you like and use any author name you wish.

This is the first step in making you the owner of the document.

You simply fill in the blanks… I’ll show you where and how to add.

Step #2

Make it Look Unique

The next step is to drop an image into the placeholder to give your document a ‘unique to you’ look… 

Again this amounts to nothing more than filling in the blank only this time with an image…

I’ll show you where and how. Believe me the whole doc customization will take you less than 3 minutes and requires zero skill.

Step #3

Evergreen Payments

Remember I said the document provides the reader with real value and then converts up to 80% of them into buyers?

Well in order to get paid over and over again from the same document you’ll need to drop your affiliate links into the pre-configured placeholders.

90% Commission on Everything!

BTW: You also get Guaranteed approval for the offers built into each document as well as 90% commission on all products sold. At this point your pre-configured document is now unique to you and ready to generate… See the next step below.

Step #4

The Last Step

Lastly... click generate to lock all of your details into the doc, and then give it away on autopilot using the distribution routes i’ll give you.

Remember: You never have to sell anything, these doc’s are given away for FREE, you don’t even need to ask for emails.

Simply give them away for free using the routes I’ll show you, and watch as people click those links. 


Up to $392.70 is the profit potential from just one of the 7 secret doc’s i’ll give you. Each doc comes with a per-sale max per customer value (MCV), which simply means the maximum you can potentially make when one of your readers clicks one of your embedded links (inside your customized doc).
Image taken from Mark Bishops Account - Amount shown should not be considered typical

Check each doc’s MCV below…

You get all 7 docs to use over and over again without limits, restrictions or caps. All referred sales from doc clicks pay you 90% commission.

Doc #1: $389.30 MCV

This doc comes with a $389.30 per-sale max per customer value (MCV). That means you could potentially make as much as $389.30 per reader without doing anything.

Doc #2: $338.30 MCV

Doc #2 has a $338.30 (MCV). Which means you could potentially make as much as $338.30 per reader… and all you had to do was fill in the blanks. 

Doc #3: $198 MCV

As you can see with each doc the MCV value varies… You could potentially make as much as $198 per reader with this pre-configured ‘Fill In The Blanks’ Doc.

Give the doc away and see the results for yourself.

Doc #4: $114 MCV

Doc #4 is currently one of the biggest sellers of all time. This expertly written doc is designed to increase profit potential for each of its users from day 1 .

The perfect doc for anyone interested in affiliate marketing… without the work!

Doc #5: $392 MCV

This doc lifts the lid on one of the biggest free traffic Phenomenon's this year… Everyone needs more traffic...

Give them this doc and watch the results follow.

Doc #6: $392.70 MCV

Doc number 6 comes with the biggest per-sale max per customer value (MCV)...

This doc opens up a clever FREE traffic formula for anyone so you can imagine how popular and powerful it is!

Doc #7: $352.80 MCV

Doc number 7 is a sure-fire winner making over $10k in affiliate commission for just one person.

You get all 7 so you can use all of them over and over again.


Here’s How to Work Out Your Monthly Profit Potential

OK, so the Doc ‘MCV’ is the maximum amount you can make per reader click, but in reality we need to look for the average number, so let's do the math: 

Example... Using Doc #3

In this example let's say you receive 100 readers over the next 30 days. 100 readers in 30 days is pretty easy to achieve as the doc’s are complete products which you’ll be giving away for FREE.

  • 100 readers which convert into 70% click-throughs = 70 people click
  • 70 clicks convert into 70% buyers = 49 people buy
  • Average spend is $100 (out of a possible $392) = $4900

That’s $4900 profit from 100 readers

Even if you chop those numbers in half (if you prefer to be ultra conservative)... You could still be looking at $2450 from just one doc and only 100 readers ...

Now scale those numbers factoring in for the 7 Docs you’ll have access to, and the amount of readers you think you’ll be able to achieve over the next 30 days

All Images taken from Mark Bishops Account - Amounts shown should not be considered typical

It's Already Done-For-You

And Yet… It’s Still Unique To YOU - Just Fill In The Blanks

...Remember, all the work has been done for you, all you have to do is fill in the blanks, which makes each doc unique to you. You give the locked doc away for FREE asking NOTHING in return, not even an email.

1k Week V3 docs are real products. They were custom written, and configured by me for use by my $5k clients, nobody else has seen them, or used them… and you won’t find them offered by anyone else (unless you’re one of my $5k clients)

Each doc instantly becomes unique to you so your product will look different to anyone elses… and each doc is evergreen, so you can keep giving them away and keep getting paid from the docs already in circulation.

1k Week V3 is without doubt one of the easiest ways to make tonnes of affiliate commission online without lots of work (especially as each one now comes with 90% commission on all referred sales). Which is why up to now only my $5k clients have been able to use it, and it’s why it will never be open to everyone.


‘1k Week V3


Only 25 Spots

Here’s Why You Must Grab 1k Week V3 Quickly:

  • Fill In The Blanks (F.I.T.B)
  • 7 Complete products to give away
  • 90% Commission on everything!
  • Unique to YOU system
  • Zero selling - Just give them away
  • Fully configured to sell - just fill in the blanks
  • 100% Newbie Friendly…
  • Totally new and unique DFY system
  • Full Training Included...


With Empire: 1k Week V3 Today!

  • 7x pre-configured 1k Week V2 Week Docs - $1600 Value
  • 3 Minute ‘Fill In The Blanks’ Unique System - $297 Value
  • Giveaway ‘REAL’ Products - $997 Value
  • Profit: $24 - $49 Per Reader - $497 Value
  • Secret Unreleased System - $500 Value
  • Guaranteed approval - $197 Value
  • Full 100% Newbie FriendlyTraining - $497 Value




Normal Price: $1,997

Save $1,870... Today ONLY $127

WARNING!!! 1k Week V3 Week is an exclusive offer normally only accessible to my $5k clients. This offer will not be shown again.

You're 100% Risk-Free With Our


We want you to purchase with confidence & want you to have peace of mind...

So we're giving you a full 30 days to try this out… one whole month to make as much money with this as you want...

If you use 1k Week V3 and it doesn’t make you money we'll simply send you your money back. It's that simple.


First 25 Customers So Act Now!

Remember… We've already done all the work for you, all you have to do is fill in the blanks and generate a Unique To You 1k Week V3 doc.

Then simply give your doc away and you could profit upto $88 per reader… 

that's it, there is nothing else for you to do apart from give more and more of your docs away… FOR FREE.

P.S. This is strictly limited to 25 people. We can’t allow more than 25 people to use 1k Week V3 at the discount price you see below (it’s just too valuable). So if you see the ‘buy now’ button below, that means this is still open. If not?... Then I'm sorry we’re closed…

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